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NECKLACES_Sheabell_003.jpg NECKLACES_Sheabell_003.jpg

Diamond Line Lariat Necklace

from 240.00
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Diamond Signature Necklace NECKLACES_Sheabell_030.jpg

Diamond Signature Necklace

from 320.00
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Double Solitaire Lariat IMG_0083-2.jpg

Double Solitaire Lariat

from 220.00
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Curve Necklace Necklace_DiamondCurve_2.jpg

Curve Necklace

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Line Necklace Necklace_DiamondLine_2.jpg

Line Necklace

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Fleur Necklace Necklace_DiamondFleur_2.jpg

Fleur Necklace

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ID Necklace Necklace_ID_2.jpg

ID Necklace

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Love Notes Necklace Necklace_LoveNotes_2.jpg

Love Notes Necklace

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Circles Necklace Necklace_DiamondCircles_2.jpg

Circles Necklace

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Monogram Necklace Necklace_DiamondMonogram_2.jpg

Monogram Necklace

from 300.00
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Lower Initial Necklace Necklace_LowerDiamondInitial_2.jpg

Lower Initial Necklace

from 185.00
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Upper Initial Necklace Necklace_UpperDiamondInitial_2.jpg

Upper Initial Necklace

from 200.00
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Line Lariat Necklace NECKLACES_Sheabell_008.jpg

Line Lariat Necklace

from 170.00
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Line by the Yard Necklace Necklace_LineByTheYard_2.jpg

Line by the Yard Necklace

from 165.00
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Nasty Woman Necklace IMG_0111.jpg

Nasty Woman Necklace

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Pavé Mini Heart Necklace Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 9.53.12 PM.png

Pavé Mini Heart Necklace

from 180.00